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Atlanta Insurance Ministries

How Did It Start?

with David Robertson and Patti Secrest

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2023

Speaker: Chris Norton
Author, Public Speaker, Founder

Stories of Faith: Ndjo Shosola
Zurich North America

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2022

Speaker: Richard Blackaby
President, Blackaby Ministries International

Stories of Faith: Erica Jones
Zurich North America

Close: George Juzdan
President, AI Ministries, Inc. and Vice President, Seneca Insurance

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2021

"From The Heart"
Virtual event; Livestreamed

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2018

Speaker: Mike Reis
CEO Addiction Outpatient Treatment Center, Author, Speaker

Speaker: Chris Reis
Author, Speaker, Pastor, Former NFL Football Player
Stories of Faith: Charles Maxell
Willis Towers Watson

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2017

Speaker: Mo Isom
All American Athlete
All American Athlete, Bestselling Author
Stories of Faith: Michelle Hill

AIM FaithLife@Work Fall Event 2017

Speaker: David Stein
Host of Rise and Stein Morning Show
Victory 91.5FM

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2016

Speaker: Cheryl Bachelder
Chief Executive Officer
Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.
Stories of Faith: Kyal Strozier

AIM FaithLife@Work Fall Event 2016

Speaker: Christine Roberts
Leadership Consultant
The John Maxwell Company

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2015

Speaker: Anne Beiler
Founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Stories of Faith: Alex Mortimer
Stories of Faith: Barbara Marshall

AIM FaithLife@Work Fall Event 2015

Speaker: Dr. Joe Wilson, Jr.
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MagMutual

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2014

Speaker: Scott N. MacLellan
Touchpoint Support Services
Stories of Faith: Angela Barnard
Stories of Faith: Jeff Jakubecy

AIM FaithLife@Work Fall Event 2014

Speaker: Lex Luger
Former Pro Football player
World Champion Wrestler

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2013

Speaker: Chuck Bengochea
The HoneyBaked Ham Company
Stories of Faith: Pam Garrett
Stories of Faith: David Biggs

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2012

Speaker: Joel Manby
Herschend Family Entertainment
Stories of Faith: LaShonda Foy
Stories of Faith: Frank Engle

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2011

Speaker: Frank Hanna
Hanna Capital
Stories of Faith: Ronda Cleapor
Stories of Faith: George Juzdan

AIM Prayer Breakfast 2010

Speaker: Leo F. Wells, III
Wells Real Estate Funds, Inc.
Stories of Faith: Tracy Sims
Stories of Faith: Drew Meadows